Oxid Services

Service Name: Eutrind Exports

Description: Eutrind csv export is a web service which exports the product’s csv file according to the requirements of the price comparison websites such as idealo, billiger and many more. It also updates the csv file once everyday according to a specific time.

Requirements for using our service:

  • Connect with us on Team Viewer or our Skype: Eutrind
  • Connect with us via Email-request on: info@eutrind.in

Benefits of using our service:

1) When a shop owner updates his web shop, the prices of the products of the web shop are automatically updated on the price comparison websites every day.
2) Csv files are automatically updated on the web shop by our technical department every day.
3) We provide complete csv file operations such as a adding a new csv export, editing an existing export and deleting the exports according to the requirements.