Module Name: Enable/Disable you save module



  • This module enables or disables the saving information of the products from backend so that every product has separate visibility at the front end so that user has mobility of both options of selecting & deselecting the field.
  • Run-capable in the Azure template as standard.
  • Suitable for the OXID CE, 4.7 – 4.9 VERSIONS.
  • Open source: Our module is 100% available in source code and can be adjusted according to your requirements.

1) Creates a back-end module which extends the main article tab of the product menu.
2) Back end module will consist of a check box for showing the saving information.
3) If checked the module will be integrated with the front end module & it will display the saving percentage of the selected product on the front end.
4) If unchecked in the field the product will not show the saving information on front end.